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A guide to riding in the rain

With thanks to the crew at Moto Est.

Riding in the rain can be scary or intimating, especially when you’re a rookie or have no experience in wet weather. However, as we explain in this blog, with the right gear, awareness and technique it can be a whole lotta fun and will dramatically improve your riding skills. 
Instead of hibernating at the sight of a dark cloud like it’s some sort of new Covid strain, get some practice! Go out in the rain. Get dirty. Go on! So that random day you get caught out in some moist weather, you’re prepared and not left in a state of panic. 


Having the right gear on wet days will likely determine how much you enjoy a rainy ride. Many of the best wet weather threads are designed to keep you waterproof, warm, and visible; which makes all the difference to your damp day experience.


Being cold can adversely affect concentration. A Cornell University study showed that employees made 44% more mistakes with only a 5º drop in room temperature. Those mistakes have more serious consequences in the saddle, so staying dry & warm is super important.

We know what a slight drop in body temperature can do to concentration, so keeping warm is important. That means covering every inch of exposed skin in places like your neck, wrists and ankles with winter lined glovesneck warmers, and thick socks. But heated vests are brilliant, too.


You don’t need to roll ponchos or all-out expensive gear to keep from getting wet. Rain jackets and waterproof pants are an easy step-off point for wet weather rides. They’re affordable, light and often come with little storage bags to slip into your saddlebag.

When it comes to leather, a waterproof wax sealer will help keep boots, gloves, jackets and pants dry – in turn keeping you dry. It’s inexpensive, widely available and not only will it help keep your favourite duds waterproof; it’ll increase the lifespan of the leather, too.


Visibility is also super important in the rain; even more so on those dark rainy winter rides. With the sun tucked behind a blanket of dark clouds and rain bucketing down, you’re far less visible on the road. This is where reflective strips, panels and prints come in handy, so look for wet weather gear that includes them.


At the end of the day, a very rainy day, keeping dry keeps you warm and staying warm means being comfortable & safe. It’ll help maintain your focus but most importantly it’ll ensure your winter riding experience is an enjoyable one. Rainy day rides can be hella fun with the right kit and the right frame of mind. So go out there, splash about, stay safe, and have fun. 

Mindset, Maintenance, Hazards and Handling

There’s more to riding in the rain than just picking the right kit. We can thank Moto Est. for sending their expert gear advice our way. But did you know, the Moto Est. crew are also a team of highly experienced riders with years of riding experience among them?

Head over to Moto Est. to read their full “User Manual | Riding In The Rain 101″. In the rest of this article you will find tips like this:

First and foremost you gotta ease off that throttle! Damp days are not a time to be heavy handed. Water will significantly reduce your traction while increasing the number of potential road hazards, so go slow. Both acceleration and braking should be gentle. Think of yourself as the Karate Kid painting a fence. You want to Miyagi that sh*t: roll on roll off, nice and gentle like.

Moto Est.
Moto Est.
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