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Bends, belly laughs, brunch and….boys?!

East Coast Female Riders is an all-female, motorcycle riding group. But once a year, ECFR Gold Coast puts the call out. Attention all boys, come and ride with us!

For many women, joining a group ride can be daunting, and riding with the boys even more so. What was quickly realised is how very similar we are… at being different! There’s no cookie cutter motorcycle rider, and yet if you squint, you’d be hard pressed to pick the difference. Human, two wheels, focused, and doing what they love—riding.

Eyeing off the motorbikes entering the meetup point at the Hinze Dam car park, you can’t help but notice the styles of ‘entry’. Gender was irrelevant when riding styles were involved. Just like the usual girl rides we love so much, some enter cautiously, gently guiding their beloved machines into the safest place they can find, and others cruising in with style, backing up like a boss on auto-park mode.


Some ladies brought their partners, others were joined by friends. Of course, this ride was always open to any members who didn’t want to miss what was to be an amazing ride through some of Gold Coast, and Australia’s most beautiful hinterland.

We made our way from the Gold Coast Qld, through the spectacular Numinbah Valley, Burringbar and through the macadamia farms and beautiful windy tree lined roads, onto our lunch stop in Bangalow, NSW.

But what were the boys thinking about joining the ladies for the day? Surely this was water off a duck’s back for them…or was it? So, I asked a couple!

This would have to be one of the best rides I’ve been on with a group. A highlight for me was how organised the ride was especially when it came to ensuring no one was left behind or lost. It was a very relaxing day and I’d be happy to go on another boy/girl ride. Thank you for letting me be part of that experience.


Great day. The ride brief was very clear and well planned with sections to open up and enjoy. All levels of riders were catered for on the day.


From the beginning there was a definite feeling of acceptance. The conversation at lunch was open, casual, and full of laughs…. Just like a real motorbike tribe, which is as it should be.


The one thing we all hands down have in common—a love of motorbike riding. Thanks for a great ride, guys! We loved you joining us!

ECFR Gold Coast & Girl Moto

Annya founded TribalMoto not long after joining the East Coast Female Riders in July 2021. With a passion for design and motorbikes, Annya’s initial focus was on providing local female riders with casual motorbike related tees that tell their story. It wasn’t long before the online store increased reach, with clothing now sold nationally. A pen and paper are usually not far from Annya’s bedside for those midnight ideas. She builds her designs based on input and ideas from her tribe members, with the occasional free tee for the first design off the press for the lucky winner. Beyond the TribalMoto side-hustle, Annya works full time in communications, is a BloodBikes Australia volunteer, a mother, a partner and last but not least, a passionate rider of motorbikes. In what spare time she has, you’ll find her carving up the twisties on her Triumph Street Triple or cruising the highways with her tribe on her Triumph Speedmaster 1200.


  1. Fantastic story! I’m a huge supporter of the girls only rides (I’m a novice rider & easily intimidated), but loved reading about a successful gender neutral ride. Nice writing Annya!!


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