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Gear Review: Stella Faster V3

Bye bye DriRider – Thanks for the fun

I loved my DriRider Urban Boots and they served me well as a pillion for 2+ years. But it was time to expand the wardrobe. As I’m ready to jump off the pillion seat soon, I thought it was time to get myself some big girl riding shoes.

I had a chance to test the Alpinestars Stella Faster V3 Ride Shoe. Straight off the bat I have to say they are great. So let me tell you why.

Stiff don’t cut it

I was super impressed by the comfort. This surprised me because I initially thought I detected that “stiff” feeling. I have ridden in other sneaker-style riding boots and stiffness has been a definite factor.

But not the Stella Faster V3. Once I put them on, the softness and comfort feeling was a nice surprise.

There was no numbness in my toes at all during the day. Sadly that is something I’d gotten used to feeling and thought was just part of the ride.

It’s all about sole baby

The grippy sole was also a welcome change. I tested these boots on a 280km ride, as pillion on our Yamaha R6 sport bike. Jumping on and off the bike was a breeze with the excellent sole, regardless of the ground surface.

Something else I look for when getting on and off the bike is unrestricted movement. Big tick here.

The main difference I noticed between these and my previous boots was feeling. There was no numbness in my toes at all during the day. Sadly that is something I’d gotten used to feeling and thought was just part of the ride.

Not any more. It seems the manufacturers have thought about sole shape and I am pleased to say it works.

Protect and Serve

I felt my feet were protected with an abundance of ankle armour. The laces held nice and snug under the velcro ankle tab. The side vents were a welcome addition and my feet stayed nice and dry even though the day warmed up.

The pretty stuff

These shoes look super cool. The little pops of fuchsia are just the right amount of colour. However there is also an all-black version.

The style of the shoe is sleek and all the design elements come together effortlessly. 

I love that these boots are specifically engineered for women. They’re very lightweight considering the amount of protection they have.

Show me the money

At an affordable $199 these boots are perfect for getting good quality gear on a budget. They are available from most online moto gear shops where I found sizing to be true.

They are a winner

Overall, these are a great riding shoe. They are good value. They look cool. They perform as they should. I am happy to recommend them to any woman looking to upgrade her riding gear or add an urban-style riding shoe to her riding wardrobe.

Kaylene x

Kaylene rides, she pillions, she's a track photographer, and a huge fan of anyone who wants to give riding a go. Kaylene believes having likeminded people around, cheering for your success, is the most important thing in life. Through her work in the moto community, Kaylene encourages other riders, tries to be a positive influence and does all she can to help others discover a passion for riding. When not snapping track pics Kalayen is a mum, a wife, pit crew for her hubby, and owner of her beloved Ninja.


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