Girl Moto Merch

Proud to be… Girl Moto

What is a Girl Moto?

A Girl Moto is anyone who proudly owns their feminine energy and doesn’t tone it down in their motorcycle world…

A Girl Moto doesn’t feel pressured to “ride like a man” or force themselves to fit into a masculine environment (unless they choose to)…

A Girl Moto doesn’t try to hide their feminine traits. Instead, they are proud to rev loudly from the mountain tops just how much they love their tribe, their ride and their hot pink helmet if that’s what they want…

A Girl Moto is inclusive of all. They accept rider’s differences without judgement and celebrate similarities.

A Girl Moto doesn’t apologise for riding how they want, when they want and with whom they want.

If you identify as a female rider or a male or non-binary rider who supports female riders, then we are proud to call you “Girl Moto”.

We are excited to offer a range of Girl Moto merchandise through our partner Tribal Moto.
Click below and you will bebe taken to the Tribal Moto website to order your Girl Moto tee’s and decals.
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Yes! Tribal Moto will ship outside of Australia, because Girl Motos can be anywhere in the world!