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Spotlight: Alexandra Bromley – Savic Motorcycles

Alexandra (Ali) Bromley loves all types of motorcycles. But although she’s owned some of the world’s most iconic cruisers and ridden dozens of SuperSport bikes and adventure tourers, it’s the “boundless potential” of full-size electric motorcycles that really fires her passions.

At just 35, Ali has worked for some of the best-known automotive brands in Australia, from Citroën in Canberra, to Porsche in Sydney and Melbourne, and, for the past five years, Harley-Davidson across the ANZ region. But nothing excites her more than the future possibilities of high-performance e-motos – in particular, the Savic C-Series.

Ali has been breaking the glass ceiling within the male-dominated moto-industry from a very young age. Because of this experience, she’s also a keen supporter of other women in moto. Ali gets to play with one of the coolest, “out-there” bikes that I have even seen. In fact, I am quite intrigued by the e-bike industry in general. But there is something that makes it hard for me to look away from the Savic C-Series bike. Stay tuned because this Girl Moto is keen to find out more so we’ll be talking in detail with Ali soon.

What’s your current ride?

Harley-Davidson Street Bob

What was your very first bike?

Yamaha Virago

How long have you been riding?

10 years

Where is your favourite place to ride?

While I haven’t yet (although plan to) had much of a chance to ride overseas, I love the riding roads available around Sydney, we really are spoilt for choice!

Depending on my mood and whether I’m looking for an all-dayer or a quick blast to clear the head, I love both Putty Road and Old Pacific Highway.

The twisty roads, the coastal scenery and the great people you meet along these roads always make them so enjoyable to ride – they really never get old.

Is there a bucket-list ride that you are yet to do? If so, where?

My riding list keeps increasing with all the great rides I keep hearing about from my friends and fellow riders and although this isn’t a specific route, I would love to ride over in Japan and experience their riding culture. It sounds amazing!

Additionally, coming from Australia, I’ve always been fascinated by mountains. I would love to ride across the Alps one day; ideally on an electric motorcycle.

It’s hard to imagine feeling even more at one with your surroundings than when riding a motorcycle, but when you’re on an EV with the lack of noise, heat and vibration from an engine – only the sound of wind in your helmet – you really feel completely immersed in the world around you with it’s a very cool experience.

What is your usual riding style and with whom?

I used to do a lot of solo riding and commuting, but now I prefer riding in small groups on the weekend. And while I’ve completed a few rider training courses, including my first off-road course last year, I mainly stick to the road.

I’m a part of a few motorcycle groups around Sydney including East Coast Female Riders, where I’ve met so many wonderful fellow female riders who have turned into friends.

What is your involvement in the world of motorcycles?

I’m currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Savic Motorcycles – Australia’s high-performance electric motorcycle manufacturer based in West Melbourne.

I’ve been working in the Automotive industry since I left school, starting on 4 wheels and then over the last 5 years working for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles across both Sales and Marketing roles.

This is where I first fell in love with electric motorcycles when H-D launched the LiveWire. When the opportunity came up to work for a daring and innovative electric motorcycle start-up and build their brand in Australia, I could hardly refuse.

I’m currently working with Savic Motorcycles to launch the flagship C-Series to the Australian market, with first customer deliveries starting end of 2022. It’s a really exciting company to be a part of, we’re all passionate about both electric motorcycles and motorcycling within Australia, and I can’t wait to share with you our future plans to establish ourselves as a great Aussie e-mobility company on the global stage.

What do you love about being involved in the world of motorcycles?

The passion and comradery. Everyone I’ve met, whether just starting their motorcycle journey or who’ve ridden for years, is so passionate about the sport and helping each other succeed.

I’ve never been a part of a group that openly shares, supports and encourages others to keep doing what they love.

What led you to be involved in the world of motorcycles?

My younger sister. She started riding quite young, and while I thought she was slightly crazy for braving the Canberra winters where we grew up, I saw how much enjoyment she got from riding and it inspired me to have a go.

From there, the rest is history!

Any comments/thoughts/observations specifically about female riders or riding?

I really love the female riding community.

The encouragement and support is amazing and I feel that most brands really don’t make an effort with this very dedicated pool of riders because it’s a smaller percentage than male riders, and I hope to change this.

I’ve seen so many instances where a rider has all but lost confidence after dropping their motorcycle or having a minor incident and the encouragement from the groups is so heartwarming. It picks that rider up and gives them the confidence to try again.

What is some advice you have for all motorcyclists?

You will drop your bike and it’s okay.

The first drop is always the most painful, I can remember mine clearly. It was on the side of a busy road and I couldn’t pick the bike up by myself. I was lucky some passers by stopped to help and it definitely took me a few weeks to get back on and try again.

And no matter how experienced you are, you will probably continue to drop your bike. It’s always embarrassing, but it happens to the best of us and as long as you’re okay, that’s the main thing. A bruised ego can heal and a bike can be repaired.

Keep going (at your own pace) I guarantee it’s worth it.

Any thoughts/observations/comments about Girl Moto?

I want to be involved with Girl Moto, not just from a company perspective but just personally because I love what GM has and will achieve.

As I mentioned above, no one really prioritizes female riders and GM is out there to change that, and it’s admirable.

Loren is our Girl Moto founder and editor. Several years into her leadership role with East Coast Female Rides (ECFR), Loren felt a desire to bring a female-focussed publication to life. One that would serve to unite Girl Moto's around the world. With a background in business finance, marketing and copywriting, Loren actually creates Girl Moto content as an excuse to call riding motorcycles "work". When not being Girl Moto, you will find Loren enjoying downtime with her family, riding with her ECFR tribe or feeding her obsession for travel and good food, with a healthy side-serve of beach vibes, whenever possible.


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