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Spotlight: Carly Becker – 2 Wheels 1 Girl

Carly Becker, aka. 2 Wheels 1 Girl, is an award-winning course designer, educator, and avid motorcycle rider. She has a particular love of motorcycle touring, moto camping, and any kind of motorcycle travel. Carly is a motorcycle content creator. She regularly posts content that empowers motorcyclists with the tools they need to venture out on solo moto-camping trips. She is passionate about supporting female riders and giving them the confidence to try moto-camping for themselves. An accomplished writer and trainer, Carly is a valued contributor to Girl Moto where we showcase some of her exciting stories, tips and guides.

Where are you currently located?

Taylor Mill, Kentucky, United States

What’s your current ride?

Kawasaki Versys-x 300

What was your very first bike?

Honda Ruckus

How long have you been riding?

3 years

Where is your favourite place to ride?

Specifically, I love riding in the curvy, mountainous roads in Tennessee, at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. There are endless twisties with spectacular views everywhere you look.

Figuratively, my favorite place to ride is somewhere I’ve never ridden before. I love exploring new places and unfamiliar roads. I try to make every motorcycle trip I go on different so that I can experience as many novel things as possible.

Is there a bucket-list ride that you are yet to do? If so, where?

I have a friend who lives in Oregon; we’ve never met in person but have been close texting buddies for a few years now. I would love to do a cross-country trip to ride out and see her. This would be a big undertaking, since I’m in the south/midwest in Kentucky. I don’t think it’s something that will happen this year, but hopefully next!

What is your usual riding style and with whom?

I ride most often on the street, just for joyrides or to commute to an errand, hanging out with a friend, etc. I started going to the track last year and got really into that, but the motorcycle I took to the track (a Ninja 400) broke down and I’m not sure if I’ll get to fix it before the end of the season. This year, I also started riding long-distance and moto camping. I absolutely love traveling on my bike, there’s nothing like being solo and having everything you need to survive on your motorcycle.

I often ride solo on the street, but I do ride with my husband or a couple of friends sometimes, too. All of my moto camping and long-distance trips have been solo.

What is your involvement in the world of motorcycles?

I have a side-hustle where I help other people who want to go on motorcycle tours or moto camping trips. I assist with planning routes and destinations, buying gear and packing it properly, and preparing for safety issues, inclement weather, and mechanical problems. I also help people build their skills and encourage them to grow their confidence. We are all capable and there’s nothing like surviving on your own to show you that!

I’m extremely passionate about motorcycles, riding, and traveling. I’m also a professional instructional designer, which means I design and develop courses for a living. It makes perfect sense, then, for me to design and develop courses about my passion – motorcycles!

What do you love about being involved in the world of motorcycles?

I love the camaraderie. Everyone is really nice in the motorcycle world, much nicer than many other niches around. People are welcoming and inviting and willing to share information with each other.

I love the thrill of riding itself. I love the freedom and sense of independence it has given me. I have so much more confidence than I ever used to.

What led you to be involved in the world of motorcycles?

My husband decided three years ago that he wanted to buy a scooter (a Honda Ruckus), which kind of came out of nowhere but it was something he liked the look of and knew he could modify and tinker with. I rode it after he got it and fell in LOVE. I bought my own three days later and rode every single day for about two years (before I started to get sick of riding the same roads over and over, lol). After riding the scooter for one season, I bought a Honda Grom, and then a 300 (CBR300R), then a 400 (Ninja 400), then an adventure bike (Versys-x 300). I’ve progressed to bigger and different bikes over the four seasons I’ve been riding.

Any comments/thoughts/observations specifically about female riders or riding?

I had codependency issues with my husband before I started riding. I had no friends and spent all of my time with him. After riding, I started spending tons of time riding solo and realizing that I was a totally independent and capable person. I met other riders, both male and female, and branched out my social circles. I think society and some upbringings cause women to think they aren’t capable of handling things on their own, but I learned that I could build the confidence and be independent. I want to help other women build that same confidence and sense of independence and capability.

What is some advice you have for all motorcyclists?

Experiment with different kinds of riding! Go to the track. Take as many courses as you can. Ride off-road at least once. Stay relaxed.

One single piece of advice that I use all the time is “baby birds.” When we’re nervous or stressed, we tend to grip the bars with a death grip, and that causes all kinds of problems. When you’re riding, grip the bars like they are baby birds – hard enough so the bird can’t fly away, but gentle enough that you don’t hurt it. I repeat this to myself all the time when I’m riding on the track or off-road or in any situation where I’m a little nervous and uptight.

Another great one is this: the physiological response to fear is the same as excitement. So when you’re afraid/nervous and your heart is pounding, hands are clammy, breathing is constricted, etc. – just tell yourself that you’re excited. Your body is feeling those physiological responses, so you can shift the mindset and totally shift how you feel. It relieves a lot of anxiety and causes you to have a lot of fun!

Any thoughts/observations/comments about Girl Moto?

I am supportive of any female-led, female-focused motorcycle resources. I think it’s great to get more females involved and give them a safe place to learn and discuss.

I enjoy all of the Girl Moto posts so far, but one in particular spoke to me. It was a post about mental health and overcoming fears. I know I have had so many times that I’ve had to overcome my fears about riding. Most recently, I bought a taller adventure bike that I was having trouble riding – I kept dropping it or having close calls. It was really affecting me and causing me to avoid riding. I finally had to find a way to overcome that fear and make the bike work for me (by lowering it). This isn’t the first time that extreme anxiety has gotten in the way of my riding, so the mental health aspect hits home, too.

Since we are both females working in the motorcycle industry, we are great partners. I love that we guest post for each other, acting as affiliates, generally being supportive women. 

I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to share my story and I hope that it can help inspire other female riders.

Loren is our Girl Moto founder and editor. Several years into her leadership role with East Coast Female Rides (ECFR), Loren felt a desire to bring a female-focussed publication to life. One that would serve to unite Girl Moto's around the world. With a background in business finance, marketing and copywriting, Loren actually creates Girl Moto content as an excuse to call riding motorcycles "work". When not being Girl Moto, you will find Loren enjoying downtime with her family, riding with her ECFR tribe or feeding her obsession for travel and good food, with a healthy side-serve of beach vibes, whenever possible.


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