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Spotlight: Kate Zrim – Moto Est.

Discovering passionate business women who hold a desire to support our female tribe is one of life’s true joys for me. That’s why I love Moto Est. and specifically, founder and Chief Executive Femme, Kate Zrim. Moto Est. is a female run motorcycle business with a focus on empowering women riders. Starting the business to source next level feminine motorcycle gear, Moto Est. recently expanded their offering to include gear for the Hommes too.

It’s not all about gear at Moto Est. I love reading their blog “Her Story” where real women share their moto stories with the intention to empower and inspire women who ride. If that isn’t enough, the crew at Moto Est. also offer an awesome Journal which includes their “User Manual”, a collection of articles that guide and support riders through their bike journey. Moto Est. is a wonderful representation of moto community. Girl Moto is proud to showcase some beautiful content curated by the Moto Est. team.

Where are you currently located?

Collingwood, VIC, Australia

What’s your current ride?

Ducati GT1000

What was your very first bike?

Kawasaki GPX250

How long have you been riding?

8 years

Where is your favourite place to ride?

I have had the opportunity to go on a few roadtrips around the world but nothing beats riding through the stunning twisty roads of the Adelaide Hills in my hometown. The winding roads are dotted with small towns where you can stop for drinks & food and the scenery is absolutely spectacular with a lot of the roads surrounded by large trees so it’s always a great temperature for riding even in the hot Australian summer.

Is there a bucket-list ride that you are yet to do? If so, where?

Although I absolutely love a good riding adventure, I actually don’t have a bucket-list ride! I usually like to fly by the seat of my pants and do things as opportunities arise. Some of my best roadtrips have been when I was planning a non-riding holiday but then start to look at opportunities to get a bike and take my gear and look at what is in those surrounding areas I can go & explore. For example, I was going to Europe a few years back, I was in touch with my friends at Hedon, and we arranged a big roadtrip from the UK through the Pyranees down to the Wheels & Waves festival in France & Spain. I had never thought of doing that roadtrip but it turned out to be one of the best adventures of my life!

What is your usual riding style and with whom?

I am definitely 100% a road rider and I usually use my bike for day trips or quick spurts around Melbourne when I need to clear my head and enjoy a day out. I’m mostly a solo rider but absolutely love riding with my Dad when I get home to visit. I absolutely love a challenge and the bigger the backpack, the more uncomfortable the ride, the more I’m slumming it, the more I enjoy it at the end! Once I rode from Melbourne to Adelaide and back in really cold & rainy weather with crazy windspeeds with a big backpack on and I really enjoyed the challenge of riding in that weather for around 10 hours each way, stopping for coffee and petrol on the way and straight back at it. I love rides like that where it’s mentally & physically challenging and then at the end you feel so amazing! I guess I’m pretty crazy to enjoy that!

What is your involvement in the world of motorcycles?

I’m so proud to say that I am involved in the world of motorcycles through my business, Moto Est. which is a retailer of some of the best urban motorcycle gear & accessories going around. My business was started out of pure need for better gear all in one place. We started as Moto Femmes serving the female riding community and grew into Moto Est. where we now stock gear for all genders online whilst our store in Collingwood remains women’s wear only. I love working in our Collingwood store because I get to meet so many amazing female riders and talk bikes and riding.

What do you love about being involved in the world of motorcycles?

The motorcycle community is a very special one. There are so many amazing riders from all backgrounds, riding styles and riding all sorts of different bikes yet we can all come together to have fun & connect with each other. We use our ‘Her Story’ blogs to help inspire womxn all around the globe and we love hearing what riders are up to and what their experiences are and we are so proud to be a part of this community with so many amazing womxn riders in it. The people we meet and the customers we serve, continue to make the work we do so fulfilling & makes every day a special one.

What led you to be involved in the world of motorcycles?

From a very young age, Dad would pop us up on his motorcycles, we would help him wash them and we would watch him riding & then I absolutely loved being a pillion when I was old enough. I always had the love for motorcycles but didn’t actually have the idea or confidence to get my own licence until about 8 years ago and it’s the best thing I ever did! After riding on my own for a few months, I connected with some other riders in my area and from there I was invited to rides and events and just kept meeting more and more inspiring & fun womxn riders and I’ve never looked back. I’m so grateful that I found this community and it continues to make my life full!

Any comments/thoughts/observations specifically about female riders or riding?

Once I established the Moto Femmes business, one of the first things I wanted to do was to make sure that womxn riders had access to useful & inspiring information that would help them on their riding journeys. From day one we started doing the ‘Her Story’ blogs and we have expanded that to many different blogs such as how to ride in winter, practice drills, how to maintain your bike, what tools to carry on your bike etc. We really saw a need for useful, easy to understand and relevant information that gave womxn the tools they needed to feel confident & safe and give them the opportunity to keep learning. The feedback we continue to receive is so positive so we will keep doing what we are doing & hopefully just continue to help more and more womxn.

What is some advice you have for all motorcyclists?

We all know that we should wear ‘all the gear, all the time’ but having worked in the moto retail industry for some time now, the best advice we can give is WHAT to wear all the time! We have a lot of learner riders who shop with us and there are two things we always advise. One, buy gear that suits your riding & your style and build on that as you ride more. For example, if you are new, get all-season gear and then just build on that. If you are riding loads in summer, get a specific summer jacket and gloves or perhaps get some winter accessories. Your moto wardrobe is always a work in progress as you learn & ride more. Two, get gear that fits you right & feels comfortable. Urban riding gear is best know for it’s safety features whilst also not being too bulky and uncomfortable. If your gear fits you in all the right places, is easy to get on & off and you feel comfortable wearing it all day, you will ride more; you will practice more; you will be a better rider & in turn safer for it.

Any thoughts/observations/comments about Girl Moto?

I am personally so excited to see what Girl Moto are coming out with & they have our full support! There is always a need for informative & fun content specifically for womxn in our community & we will certainly be encouraging all our customers to subscribe.

A note from Kate:

We are a womxn-run moto retail business & we would love it if people could subscribe to our newsletters & socials to help spread the word about us so we can continue to grow & help the womxn community all over the world for many years to come! We also encourage anyone who wants to take part in our ‘Her Story’ blogs to contact us here Share Your Story.

Loren is our Girl Moto founder and editor. Several years into her leadership role with East Coast Female Rides (ECFR), Loren felt a desire to bring a female-focussed publication to life. One that would serve to unite Girl Moto's around the world. With a background in business finance, marketing and copywriting, Loren actually creates Girl Moto content as an excuse to call riding motorcycles "work". When not being Girl Moto, you will find Loren enjoying downtime with her family, riding with her ECFR tribe or feeding her obsession for travel and good food, with a healthy side-serve of beach vibes, whenever possible.


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