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Spotlight: Linda Solimine – Sportbikegrrls

Linda Solimine is the best motorcycle podcaster to never ride a motorcycle (yet)! Yep, you read that right. Linda hosts a podcast devoted to women who ride motorcycles. She does it with such passion and interest. She has so much energy behind her promotion of women who ride. She is a strong advocate for women gaining the confidence to take up the sport of motorcycle riding…. at any age and at any stage of their life. She is yet to turn over that leaf for herself. But she will. Along with sharing the stories of amazing female riders, Linda is also sharing snippets of her own journey into riding for the first time in her 50’s.

I was privileged to be interviewed by Linda on her podcast Sportbikegirrls. Linda allowed me to share my personal story of riding, along with my journey into creating Girl Moto Media. You can find a link to the full interview on our Podcast page.

Where are you currently located?

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

What’s your current ride?

I am not riding yet… but stay tuned

What was your very first bike?

Yet to pick it. Linda does have an attraction to Suzuki GSXR’s

How long have you been riding?

Have been a pillion for a number of years.

Where is your favourite place to ride?

The list of places to ride is growing.

Is there a bucket-list ride that you are yet to do? If so, where?

Badlands, Needle Highway, South Dakota, USA
Historic Rte. 66 (Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA)
Adirondack Mountains, upstate New York

Pacific Coast Highway, California

England/Scottish Highlands, UK
Mae Hong Son, Thailand

What is your usual riding style and with whom?

My dream is to own both a sport bike for everyday and shorter rides, as well as a cruiser/touring bike for longer, cross-country trips and moto camping.

I’d like to experience both riding solo, as well as forming a group of like-minded woman riders that I feel comfortable enjoying longer riders with. Experiencing the relaxation of wind therapy to clear my mind and just enjoy the open road is something I am greatly looking forward to.

What is your involvement in the world of motorcycles?

I am the creator and host of the podcast Sportbikegrrls. I started my podcast to share my story of finally learning to ride at age 55. I wanted to support and encourage other women of any age to pursue their dream of riding and providing them with the support and knowledge that they needed to get started.

Also I want to celebrate women in the motorcycle world in various capacities who are already out there blazing a path for the rest of us to follow – authors, industry writers, tour organizers, entrepreneurs, track racers, motovloggers, endurance riders and more.

What do you love about being involved in the world of motorcycles?

The community of women who share their passion, knowledge, and experience with each other. I have been blown away by the generosity of my guests to not only support my vision for my podcast, but introduce me to other incredible women who would like to be guests and want to help me grow this passion of mine. They are all also helping each other, participating in this pursuit that brings them incredible joy to their lives. Their encouragement of each other’s skills development is so heartwarming for me to see.

What led you to be involved in the world of motorcycles?

I have dreamed of learning to ride for almost 30 years now. Starting my podcast was a way of holding myself accountable. It was time to stop saying that I wanted to, but to finally begin taking concrete steps towards making that happen.

When I was younger getting my motorcycle license was a challenge I had set up for myself. It wasn’t even necessary that I get a bike. Now there’s no question that I will own and ride that motorcycle! There’s no way I couldn’t.

Any comments/thoughts/observations specifically about female riders or riding?

What an amazing, supportive community female riders are!

What is some advice you have for all motorcyclists?

My deepest regret is that I did not try to learn to ride sooner. There are so many great schools across America and the world that will help you to safely learn the important skils that you need to be a successful rider.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams and goals!

Any thoughts/observations/comments about Girl Moto?

It fills a great need. Women are hungry for the content and information and to have access to it in a variety of different formats – ezine, podcast, videos, etc – is incredible.

Final thoughts from Linda:

I am still amazed at the wide variety of bike styles and ways to ride. It is an endless adventure and opportunity for personal growth and terrific fun. A passion that can be enjoyed in every phase of life.

Loren is our Girl Moto founder and editor. Several years into her leadership role with East Coast Female Rides (ECFR), Loren felt a desire to bring a female-focussed publication to life. One that would serve to unite Girl Moto's around the world. With a background in business finance, marketing and copywriting, Loren actually creates Girl Moto content as an excuse to call riding motorcycles "work". When not being Girl Moto, you will find Loren enjoying downtime with her family, riding with her ECFR tribe or feeding her obsession for travel and good food, with a healthy side-serve of beach vibes, whenever possible.


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